Meghan's Treasures Pet Sitting
Why hire a Pet Sitter?

Simply put, most pets are happier at home than anywhere else.
They feel safe, secure and content in their own environment
and familiar surroundings, as opposed to a kennel. In fact,
boarding your pets may create stress that can lead to
behavioral problems, such as: not eating properly, having
accidents and acting withdrawn, not to mention being exposed
to potential illnesses of other animals.
The Perfect Solution to Boarding!

As a Pet Sitter, I will visit your home to care for your pets while
you are away. I will feed, water, let your pets in or out as
needed. I will also administer any medications as directed, if
necessary. I will also check on your pet's well being and provide
valuable home security checks. See below for a summary of the
benefits of my pet sitting service.
Pet Sitting
Our dog Izzy with Meghan
What is Pet Sitting?

Pet Sitting is taking care of your pet in his/her own home while
you are away on business, vacation or just a weekend get
away. All pets are more comfortable in their own home. Pet
Sitting also provides the additional benefit of home security in
that it gives a periodic appearance that someone is home.

NOTE: Because some employers reimburse pet sitting fees
when employees are required to travel, we will be happy to
provide an itemized invoice or estimate for your business and/or
personal needs.
Pets feel more comfortable in own home
Additional advantage of home security
Rates are typically less than boarding
I will feed, water, administer meds, etc.
Available most holidays for a small extra fee
I will also retrieve and bring in mail and/or
newspapers upon request - NO EXTRA FEE!
Covering Bastrop County, Texas and
surrounding areas
For your protection and mine, I am insured
Honey likes swinging on my daughter's
rope tree swing. I'm sure its only a matter
of time before she chews completely
through the rope. But she sure is havin'